Negative Air Pressure Cleanrooms

Negative air pressure cleanrooms are used for hazardous manufacturing processes. Negative air pressure cleanrooms are also used for BSL level P - 2, P - 3, and P - 4 Bio-Safety cleanrooms for production and medical research.

Negative Air Pressure Cleanrooms - Hazardous Process Facilities

Some cleanrooms are required to be operated at negative air pressure for hazardous processes.

Modular BSL P-2 - General Clean Laboratories

BSL P-2 clean labs. normally operate at marginal cleanliness levels with slight negative air pressure.

Modular BSL P-3 - Bio-Hazard / Containment Clean Laboratories

BSL P-3 bio-hazard containment labs. operate at various cleanliness levels with 100% once-through air pass, with specific negative air pressure levels with automatic pressure control and 100% exhaust through a HEPA filter system.


Portable BSL P-2 and P-3 Containerized Portable Clean Laboratories

Level BSL P-2 and P-3 Clean Labs. are also manufactured in portable, heavy duty sea containers for deployment world wide.

Mobile (truck mounted) BSL P-2 and P-3 Clean Laboratories

Level BSL P-2 & P-3 clean labs. are manufactured using various sizes of standard truck bodies and mounted directly on the truck chassis for "drive-anywhere" capability.


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