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Clean Air Technology is adept at designing and fabricating the "right" heating, cooling, and ventilation system for your cleanroom operation in a wide variety of industries. And getting the specification and design right the first time is very important since HVAC is integrated into a building's framework, making modifications both time consuming and expensive. Additionally, the design, installation, commissioning, and qualification of cleanroom HVAC systems is one of the top considerations in many industries, particularly for pharmaceutical, biotechnology manufacturing facilities. With these conditions in mind, CAT will develop a custom, compliant system to help maintain each cleanroom's clean environment by allowing the appropriate volume of clean air to each room at a precise temperature and humidity per your requirements. The following sections outline the components of a CAT cleanroom air management system.


Air Handling Units

Clean Air Technology manufactures special purpose cleanroom air handlers (AHU's) and air handling systems for other HVAC applications. We're capable of supplying a wide array of air handlers that range from simple re-circulating supply air fans to air handler units with DX cooling coils, chilled water coils, electric heat or hot water heat coils, face and bipass dampers, and humidifiers. Our air handlers range in size from 1,000 to 35,000 CFM.

The WhisperQuiet® line of cleanroom recirculating air handler equipment is specifically designed and manufactured for HVAC applications that require quiet operation and durable, efficient performance.


Each air handling unit incorporates heavy-duty components to provide dependable continuous operation with minimum noise levels and maintenance. Models are available with a variety of options to meet specific application requirements. Each air handler model offers product features that deliver significant benefits to end-users.

The HVAC supporting cleanrooms is a key utility that must be specified correctly to maintain project costs and to comply with GMP requirements. Clean Air Technology can assist you in your project, as we have for clients worldwide for many years, making your cleanroom HVAC, the best that it can be.


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